April 23, 2015: Satellite Update

A lot of ice came off the lake in the last week. Here are two recent satellite pictures that show how much.


Lake of the Woods on April 17th, 2015

Six days later…


Lake of the Woods on April 23rd, 2015

Huge areas at the south end of the lake are open now, extending all the way from Big Traverse to Big Narrows. These parts of the lake are too far from the Kenora airport for me to visit often, so satellite coverage is very helpful.

You can see pictures from earlier this spring, including one with some features labeled to help you get oriented, here.

If you’d like to roam around the MODIS site for yourself, I recommend my Daily Satellite Photograph link at the right side of this web page, under the heading Lake of the Woods Links. It takes you to the North America 3 picture at the highest resolution, and I update it whenever a good sunny day reveals the whole lake. Or click here. Once you arrive at their site, you can pull down a list of recent dates to view those photographs. Lake of the Woods is at the top left corner of a huge montage covering Lake Superior and Lake Michigan. There are also buttons to choose either the Terra or Aqua satellite, so there are actually two pictures for each day, taken at different times. Sometimes one will have less cloud cover than the other.

I have to go to work now. I should have fresh aerial photographs later today.

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