Tim Armstrong is a retired professional pilot living in Kenora, Ontario. He flew King Airs for MAG Canada, an air taxi company that is part of MAG Aerospace.

One of Walsten's King Airs

One of MAG Canada’s King Airs

Since 2003, Tim has taken aerial photographs so that campers and cottage-owners on Lake of the Woods could monitor the conditions of the lake as it thaws. What began as a handful of emails to a few personal friends has grown rapidly since it became a blog.

Tim regrets that he has very limited flight time available, so he cannot take requests.

You can email Tim at icecaptain@outlook.com, tweet him @timothygwyn or use the form below to make a public comment on Ice Patrol.

Please note: the comment form cannot handle pictures. If you have a photograph suitable for Ice Patrol, email it to the address above, and specifically say that it is okay to reproduce it on the website. I would also like permission to crop the picture. The photograph must be your own (because you cannot grant copyright permissions for a picture taken by someone else) and you should say how you would like your name to appear on the attribution. Photo submissions are welcome, but please choose just one or two pictures.

9 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you, my brother found this website and sent it to all of us. We are really enjoying watching the ice go out. Thanks again.

  2. How are the ice conditions at Clearwater Bay? does it look like it might clear for the Long Weekend?

  3. Deceptionbay is open up to McCullum point. Rush bay landing is open and wood chuck bay is starting to open up.

  4. Hey Tim Echo Bay mostly opened about 330 pm Saturday
    Rush Bay opened during the night
    Ptarmigan still clogged with ice today (Tuesday)
    Love your reports

    • Sorry, Buzz, but very rarely. I mostly work in the minutes as I arrive and depart from the Kenora airport. Sioux Narrows is a stretch, and places like Clearwater, Shoal Lake and the south end of the lake are really tough to manage.

  5. Hi. Just checking in to see if you are airborne this year and when you might start sending out information?

    • Hi Kevin, your message was the one that finally got me to crack my knuckles and get back to the keyboard! Have a good spring.

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