April 24, 2015: Back in the Air

I finally had a flight and some decent weather on the same day. This morning I was able to start with a picture of Longbow Lake.


Longbow Lake

Longbow is about 80% clear now; all that is left is some drifting pan ice that is at the mercy of the wind. Ice like this can damage docks on a windy day.

You can click on these pictures to see a larger, higher resolution version, and you can click on that to zoom right in.

On the way back this afternoon I arrived from the east. This is Dogtooth Lake.


Dogtooth Lake

Although ice is prominent in this picture, notice how the south part of Dogtooth, at the left, is largely open. Next up is Route Bay.


Route Bay

Route Bay is letting go. Storm Bay, only partly visible at the right edge of the picture, is still ice-covered. Further back, you can see lots of ice on Bigstone Bay. No surprise there. But behind Bigstone, Moore Bay is mainly open, and I wasn’t expecting that. You might want to click for a closer look. I think there’s some open water around Queer Island, too.


Pine Portage Bay, Northern Harbour

Pine Portage Bay, home of Northern Harbour, is still frozen from shore to shore.


Scotty Island, Nanton & Lunny’s Islands, Bare Point

The picture above spans quite a stretch of ice, but in the top half of the picture you can see that open water now extends all the way from Channel Island to the tip of Scotty Island.


Lunny’s Island, Bare Point, Queen Bee Island

Here’s a little closer look at the patch of water between Lunny’s Island and Bare Point.


Matheson Bay, Devil’s Gap

The photograph above shows Matheson Bay at the right. Further back, water is reaching out from Devil’s Gap to Galt Island and along the south shore of Rogers Island.


Town Island

Lastly, Town Island, to show how much wider the channel has become.

I shot all of these pictures as I circled to land in Kenora. Because I arrived from the east, it was not practical to go far enough west to get good pictures of the Clearwater Bay area. Likewise, the Winnipeg River folks will have to wait until I am arriving from the north.

One of my contributing pilot friends might be able to get pictures of West Hawk and Falcon Lakes this evening, (no pressure, Dave!) and I have spread the word to some other pilots, too. That might bear fruit over the weekend, we’ll see.

6 thoughts on “April 24, 2015: Back in the Air

  1. Thank you for the info on Dogtooth. As you said looks clear in the south end around the resort and Rushing River, giving a try tomorrow.

  2. Dear Sir:

    Thank you so much for the pictures of Dogtooth on your blog today.


    Mike Warkentin

    Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone.

  3. Based on the progress and weather forecast what do you think the probablity is of clearwater bay being open next Friday? Any followers in the area that can provide first hand reports of status and ice out?

  4. Cant thank you enough for for the Lunny Island shots
    they were great !
    Hope we’re in there next week .

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