April 22, 2015: Longbow Lake

Longbow Lake is going: Bob Hamlin took this picture of Longbow on Wednesday the 22nd and estimates that open water accounted for about 30% of the surface.


Longbow Lake

Once the water gets going like that, wind plays a big role in breaking ice even when temperatures are not high.

I’m flying tomorrow and I should be able to grab a shot of Longbow for an update. On Lake of the Woods I hope to see progress around Town Island and out towards Scotty Island.

6 thoughts on “April 22, 2015: Longbow Lake

  1. if you are in the vicinity of Longbow, anxious to see/or hear how Northern Harbour is! thanks so much for the service you provide….awesome!

    • Northern Harbour might be starting to go. Pine Portage bay is both sheltered and deep, factors that delay its thaw. I’ll take a look tomorrow.

    • I am heading east tomorrow- I might be able to get a shot of Dogtooth from a higher altitude as I climb out from Kenora.

  2. You have an awesome site and I am very grateful for all the work you put into updating this site. I am anxious to get to my camp too (Corkscrew Island) and you give me perspective. Thank you so very much!

  3. Excited you’re doing Town Island and Scotties tomorrow
    Be Great if you could get another shot of Lunny Island.
    Looks like Bare Point Beach is open
    Don’t know about the Marina though
    Any shots are appreciated

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