May 12, 2023: Are we there yet?

Almost. Soon.

This morning there was still a sheet of ice between Warroad and Springsteel Point, according to George Marvin.  This afternoon the Marvin Windows pilots reported that some ice in the middle of Big Traverse Bay looked like enough to last another day.

Here’s what it looked like to Aqua:

MODIS image of Lake of the Woods from Aqua satellite, May 12, 2023, in false colour.

There appears to be a patch of ice near Buffalo Bay, and perhaps something east of it in Big Traverse. There’s some cloud, too, so the extent is not clear.

The pale blue streaks over the north part of the lake cover both water and land, so they’re probably high altitude ice clouds.

Up at the north end, no one I’ve heard from has encountered any ice in the last few days. John Wallis made it out to his place on Ptarmigan yesterday, while Sean Cockrem reported that it was iceless all the way from Sugar Bay across Clearwater to Ward Island, south of Corkscrew.

In the end, the Brick Graph will look like this:

That will put us in the ‘later than average’ category, but not by much. The stack for the first five days of May used to dominate this graph, but now things are distributed more evenly. I don’t think that’s a trend, I think it’s simply a consequence of having accumulated more data.

Signs of spring:

  • Little leaves are sprouting on trees
  • I put my comfy chairs out and had coffee on the deck this morning.


4 thoughts on “May 12, 2023: Are we there yet?

  1. Thanks for all your reporting. Each year I try to go fishing opening week and fly out of Red Lake to go north and watch your reports for months before I go. It’s always fun to read your reports and see the amazing pics. Thanks for what you do!

  2. We went to our cabin on Fox Lake at Wade off the Minaki road There was no ice and was one of the earliest cabin opening FYI Fox lake is a deep (150 feet) and spring feed lake much like Falcon lake in Manitoba We enjoy reading your reports and seeing your pictures Thank you very much

  3. Thanks for the information- we live In Thunder Bay and eagerly await your reports each spring!

    All the best-!

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