May 12, 2022: Lost & Found

I don’t plan a full post today, but there are some minor things that I should mention.

John Dahl reports that the ice is gone from Laurenson’s Lake. In his words:

Today, May 11th, our lake was completely ice free. Second latest date we have over the past 30 or so years. Latest was in 1996 when it was ice free May 13th by our records.

From the comments form, Susan reports that there is still solid ice on Clearwater Bay, and says there’s lots of dock damage due to recent wind, high water and ice.

Which brings us to why this post is called Lost & Found.

When I’m hiking the trails on Tunnel Island, I usually pick up any lost items I come across and take them to the trail map at the parking lot. Mittens, mostly.

However, yesterday I spotted this on the Winnipeg River, and it was too big for that.


It’s a dock, and it still has rocks on it that were intended to weigh it down. So if you have a place on the river, not far below the Norman Dam, maybe check to see if something is missing from your waterfront.

The owner of the dock has been located. He has already secured it and will retrieve it soon.

Apologies to everyone who hoped that this might be theirs. It seems a number of people are missing docks from a range of places.




12 thoughts on “May 12, 2022: Lost & Found

  1. Thanks for all of the info you’ve been sending over the past several weeks. No ice all in Regina Bay. Boat is going in this morning.


  2. This dock could perhaps belong to a resident of the Winnipeg River Estates which is located along the north shore heading down river just below the Darlington Bay bridge. My place is located west of the Darlington Bay bridge across from the wild rice plants and I think I recognize the dock from my journeys down river during the summer.

    • Oh, I hadn’t thought of Darlington Bay. I’ll update the post with a map, so that people can see the possible upstream areas. Thanks!
      Refresh the Ice Patrol home page to see the update.

  3. Yo!! That’s my dock…….it’s not lost, its securely tied up and anchored. It’s not on a reef……it will be “rescued” this weekend.

    Thanks for the concern though.

  4. Wow

    That looks a lot like my floater. We have harris island close to the yacht club stretch.

    I had those white corner things on it an dwhite cleats. Do you have any more pictures? Is it across from coney?





  5. False alarm

    On closer inspection it is not ours.

    Thanks for these posts! Much appreciated.

  6. Longbow Lake ice free too, the last little bit of ice was finished off by the wind and rain Wednesday evening. If you haven’t gotten out to Rushing River this spring it’s really worth the drive, to call it impressive this spring is an understatement. Smith Camps lots of ice damage to their docks with the odd late way the ice is going out on Big Stone Bay this spring.

  7. Hey I was just wondering if I could get some more info on shoal lake whenever possible would be a great help. Thanks for everything! Love this

  8. West Hawk Lake & Falcon Lake just on the Manitoba side of the MB-ON border are ice FREE. (Thursday the 12th)

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