March 31, 2021: Myrtle Rapids

There’s no real news, because it’s been cold. If you’re checking in from far away, it was -14°C when I got up this morning, and it hasn’t gone above freezing today. A normal high this time of year is 5°C and with pleasing symmetry, a typical low is -5°C. We’ll be back to above normal temperatures tomorrow, and double digits by the weekend.

So while there hasn’t been much active thawing, Luke Burak sent me two pictures of the Myrtle Rapids area on the Winnipeg River, just west of the Dalles. I’ll just post this one, as they show the same area.

You can click on this picture to see the full screen, zoomable version.

Myrtle Rapids.

Looking south east towards Kris Island in the upper right corner.

Thanks, Luke!

Meanwhile the satellite pictures continue to be perplexing.

Here’s today’s from Aqua.

Aqua satellite’s image from March 31, 2021, in false colour.

Those stripes look pretty wild, so I checked the true colour image.

Aqua satellite’s image from March 31, 2021, in true colour.

That looks a bit more natural. I’m guessing streaks of wind-blown snow.

Terra‘s pictures this morning were a bit glitchy, but the same streaks are visible.

Technical notes. I’ve lost access to Photobucket, the internet home of some of my oldest archives. They’ve revised the service, and I cannot log in because I no longer have the email address I had when I set up the account. So I am gradually uploading my old pictures to a new archive here at WordPress. I won’t be able to recover the captions or any remarks I made, but I do have all the pictures, neatly filed by date. These are pictures from before Ice Patrol was a proper website: the years from 2009 to 2013. I started with 2009, and you can try the Previous Years tool on the sidebar for that year, if you like. The other years probably won’t work until I do a lot more work. Eventually, I’ll put up some of the pictures I took as far back as 2003.

2 thoughts on “March 31, 2021: Myrtle Rapids

  1. My 14 ft boat is in and I’m going to my camp on the Winnipeg River..The ice is disappearing quickly.Earliest I’ve had a boat in the River is March 15 2010..I’m guessing ice off the main Winnipeg channels by April 10..Time will tell.

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