March 26, 2021: Mid-altitude overview

This photo was taken by Simeon Kubassek, who is flying for Air Bravo during his lay-off from Air Canada, where he flew Boeing 777’s. I love to get occasional shots from the mid-altitudes—high enough to need a pressurized plane, but not as high as the jets—because they show lots of terrain without too much haze.

You can click on this picture to see it full screen, and that version is zoomable.

This photograph shows the Manitou in the foreground, with the Northern Peninsula at the left, and the Barrier Islands at the lower right, near the little patch of window frame. Notable in that latter area is new open water that seems to be expanding  at the Elbow.

The Manitou, Northern Peninsula and Barrier Islands.

Zoom in for a better look at the open water in Keewatin Channel (left of center), and Safety Bay (further left).

Another interesting set of features are some prominent pressure ridges in the Manitou. Check out the white lines around Whiskey Island; they are quite distinct from the ice roads, which usually show grey ice between the twin snowbanks.

In case you missed it, I made an update to yesterday’s post to include an updated “Pancake Graph.” More formally called the Inflection to Thaw Calendar, it compares the beginning and completion dates of recent year’s thaws. The latest version shows how our current spring is stacking up. Spoiler: it’s early but perhaps not rapid. Scroll down to see the previous post, or click here.


5 thoughts on “March 26, 2021: Mid-altitude overview

    • He didn’t say, but it was presumably from a Pilatus PC-12, so perhaps 25,000 feet? I bet the Manitou looks a lot bigger from a small boat on a windy day!

  1. I have been on the mantou on a very windy day heading to whiskey island with my dad and brother …dad told us to put on our pfd if we tried to turn around and go back we would have flipped and that was my dads 18 foot princecraft ..and for me it was also painful ….that was the roughest ever

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