May 4, 2020: What’s Left?

It’s no longer a question of what’s melting, it’s now about what’s still frozen.

The satellites were stymied by cloud today, and I wanted to know what’s going on at Bigstone Bay, so I texted a friend. John Sweeney sent me this pretty picture.

Before you jump to the conclusion that Bigstone is completely clear, you should click on the picture, and zoom in on the full-screen version. There’s a big pan of ice at the left. John was standing on the mainland, on the point between Route Bay and Storm Bay, and looking south across Bigstone Bay at Hay Island. 

If I understand John’s explanation, the ice is in or around Hay Island’s East Bay.

Here’s a second picture looking a little more to the left. I cropped it to make it easier to look at the ice. You’ll probably still want to zoom in.

You might be wondering what’s special about Bigstone Bay. I pay attention to it because it’s one of the areas on Lake of the Woods that thaws late. I expect there’s also ice south of the Barrier Islands, but I don’t know how much.

If it all melts in the next few days, this will be the quickest thaw* on our charts, even though it’s one of the later ones.

*using the specific definition that the thaw commences on the inflection date [the date when the mean daily temperature goes consistently above freezing] and ends the day the lake is 100% ice-free.

6 thoughts on “May 4, 2020: What’s Left?

  1. Hello…question???? Why is bigstone late to thaw and how deep is the bay….does that have something to do with the late thaw

  2. John Sweeney what a great picture, I would love to see it as a picture on the wall, I’m using it as a screen saver hope you don’t mind. IceCaptain thanks for all the great updates this year I can not believe it went by so fast. Stay safe.

  3. thank you for the information and wonderful pics, esp. these latest ones. vert much appreciated. any idea what its like further north along the land locked lakes? Corn? Ena? Armstrong… etc?

    Thanks again. Hopefully we will be able to return soon

  4. We are on the East side of Lunny Island. Got here Sunday but broke some ice coming into our dock. The ice is now breaking away from shore but lots of ice between us and Kipling Island and evening beyond. Can’t get to the Hades or Bare Point Marina. I took a few shots from our camp if you would like to receive them, I will need your email address.

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