April 28, 2020: Kelly & Matthew Belair

Kelly Belair got his Maule M4 floatplane flying today, in fact I saw him fly overhead when I was walking on Tunnel Island. Here are some of the pictures taken by his son Matthew.

You can click on them to see the image full-screen, and that version can be zoomed to full resolution.

This is the Manitou, with Lemon Island in the foreground and better-known Whiskey Island further back. There’s still a lot of ice out this way, and even some pressure ridges, but overall it looks weak.

Looking south from Skead’s Landing on Matheson Bay.

From over the south end of Scotty Island, this shot looks north east. The ice road is breaking up in Smuggler’s Cove. In the middle distance are Mazies Island at the left  and a chunk of Middle Island to the right. In the far distance are Bigstone Bay and Heenan Point. Bigstone is always late to thaw.

South of Hay Island, looking south east with Andrew Bay in the distance. Railroad Island is at the right edge of the frame.

Queer Island.

Sign of spring: a water bomber (known in the industry as a tanker) doing spring training in the glassy water by the Elbow.

I’m amazed that I’ve been able to produce the Ice Patrol while not actively flying this spring, and it’s heartwarming to have all the help from contributors like Kelly and Matthew.


8 thoughts on “April 28, 2020: Kelly & Matthew Belair

  1. Believe the last pic is over Scotty Is.looking at remains of ice road between Scotty and Middle Is.?Dick Hanlan

  2. In the upper third corner of the forth picture (picture from Scotty looking toward Hay and Railroad), there appears to be something coming from the cabin. Any idea what that is? We have a family cabin there.

    • It’s okay, Jim, that’s just a reflection from shiny metal in the cockpit. There are other reflections at the top left and right side, but that brightest one is probably from a bit of chrome trim inside the plane.

  3. Was out today by boat to the west end of Hare Island. Looking out onto the Manitou, it appears that it has turned black and candled. Assuming that is true (I was only looking out at boat level) and the winds that are forecast for the next couple of days materialize, I would not be surprised if the Manitou blows out by Monday. I did crunch a bit of the ice going toward the light there and it is very soft and you can become an icebreaker with your boat if you are adventuresome (and have a spare prop). The condition of the ice there is what leads me to believe it will blow out soon. And the ice has pretty much gone all along the shorelines giving the centre sheet of ice room to get moving with the wind. Here’s hoping!

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