May 9, 2019: Andrew Kozlowski

Just got these aerial photos from Andrew Kozlowski. He took them around 7:00 this evening.

Scotty Island, looking south west at the Barrier Islands. Those long, straight bits of ice on Scotty’s shore are remnants of an ice road. Looks like there’s still some significant ice south of the Barrier Islands.

This is Whisky Island, also looking roughly south west. The Manitou is clearing out.

It won’t be long now.

Thanks Andrew!


4 thoughts on “May 9, 2019: Andrew Kozlowski

  1. Today (Fri May 10) the south wind did blow the ice around on Bigstone Bay. Still some decent chunks around but Eagle pass could be reached this afternoon, and Hay I. should be mostly reachable now.

  2. I made it to hay, all of Bigstone ice free, except for some in front of smith camps, which that is likely gone by now or close to.

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