April 7, 2019: Signs of Spring Sunday

The gulls are flocking now, I saw—and heard—them wheeling over the shopping mall the other day.

Geese are increasingly easy to spot, and I’ve seen up to six in one place, compared to the isolated pairs I saw earlier.

I haven’t spotted my first duck or loon yet.

My favourite sign of spring so far? After a last round of snow removal a couple of weeks ago, the City Works Department has switched over to street sweepers. I caught up to a pair of them on Veteran’s Drive one day last week.

Oh, I almost forgot! I’ve seen a few motorcycles on the road. Please keep your eyes open and give them plenty of room, as they will be contending with challenging conditions due to wet patches and sand on the streets.

Snow is melting on the shady north side of my steep roof, and is thinning out in my back yard. This is because after skies cleared Friday afternoon, we went back to wet weather for the weekend. It’s been drizzly a lot, with periods of fog and even real rain. Temperatures have stayed above freezing, so the rain has been having quite an effect. Snowbanks are giving way to puddles.

The hiking trails on Tunnel Island are tough going: slushy, slippery and wet. Further from the parking lot, the less travelled trails have deep snow on either side of narrow packed paths. In places, it’s like trying to walk along a wet log. Ice cleats are essential.

I’m scheduled to fly on both Monday and Tuesday, as long as the misty weather lifts as forecast. Speaking of the forecast, the fourteen day outlook is not marvellous. The Weather Network is calling for some slightly below-normal temperatures for the coming week. Further down the road, nighttime temps may rise above normal while daytime highs still fall a little shy. A normal high this time of year is 8ºC, while a seasonal overnight low would be -3ºC.  That gives us room to be below normal but still comfortably above freezing, at least most of the time.

4 thoughts on “April 7, 2019: Signs of Spring Sunday

  1. Thank you for the update.
    Street cleaners? No such a thing-before June 25….Free sand..for fill.
    They say Robins. Any body seen one?
    Fly safe.
    Any word on the V-Bay area?

  2. Robins and birds galore here near MPLS. Your posts and photos are wonderful. Can’t wait to see our cabin in WFB this summer.

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