May 6, 2018: Satellite Update

I’m back in Kenora, and the lake didn’t melt while I was gone. Not all of it, anyway.

Here are today’s satellite images, starting with the true colour picture from Terra satellite. There must have been big changes near downtown Kenora, but there’s just enough cloud in the top right corner of these to obscure that part of the lake.

The false colour version makes it clear that the lake is still more than 3/4 covered in ice, but it’s all weak and breaking up. It will be gone soon.

To see a reference picture, with some landmarks labelled, visit the FAQ page.

I’m not scheduled to fly tomorrow, but if I can talk a friend into to taking a couple of pictures, I will.



9 thoughts on “May 6, 2018: Satellite Update

  1. Just got news today from my friend who is at the lake right now. Deceptionbay is open and woodchuck bay is open. Boaters from Pyes landings can get to fishermen island and zigzag island.


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  2. Thanks for all your efforts to keep the Lake of the Woods alumni in the loop.
    Regards,Robert Lunny.

  3. Hi, We are new to LOTW, and your ice logging,,, many thanks for sharing your passion for flight and lake reviews. You really makes a different in so lives,,,

  4. Hi there, have you been out to Whitefish Bay? What is ypur prediction of being able to get in a boat and navigate to our cabin!
    Thanks for keeping us posted.
    Karen Friesen

  5. Got to around St Helena, south of Keewatin Channel on Saturday. Appeared mostly open between Coney and Treaty on Sunday, what ice was left was disappearing rapidly

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