May 6, 2018: Falcon Lake

I’ve been puzzling over the appearance of Falcon Lake and West Hawk in the recent satellite pictures. I wasn’t sure if those lakes were open, or covered in very poor ice, so I asked my brother to take a look on his way to Winnipeg. He stopped to take this panoramic shot of Falcon Lake.

You can click on it to zoom in. The ice looks rotten, as if it should be gone tomorrow or Tuesday.

For other people’s reports on ice conditions, check the comments section. If you went boating in the Lake of the Woods or Whiteshell area this weekend, you’re invited to make a comment yourself.

The comments form doesn’t take attachments:  if you want to send a picture, use the email address on the ABOUT page. Don’t forget to include your name as you would like it to appear on the acknowledgement.


7 thoughts on “May 6, 2018: Falcon Lake

  1. Rush is wide open with surface temps around 49F already! Water was pushing into Ptarmigan bay quickly and echo bay opened up over the weekend basically, some ice hanging out in the real deep section but doesn’t look like it will last the day tomorrow.

  2. thank you.  I. just trying to work out how and when I am going to get there.  Son not as free as he has been in previous years and not really comfortable arriving alone. We are trying now to work this out.

  3. West Hawk was about 90% covered by ice Sunday evening, and 100% open by Monday night (may 7).

    I was surprised how dark it looked in the last satellite image considering how white the ice looked out my window up until the very last day.

    • Usually we are close to the same as The last ice on LOTW, often later, and equal to shoal lake. Must have been the rain March 27 which cleared much of the snow off, when Kenora actually got snow.

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