April 13, 2018: No Progress

We returned to Kenora from the north today, so I’ll start with a picture of the Winnipeg River. It’s about the only place I thought we might see improvement.

This is looking south west, with the Dalles near the middle of the picture. Click on the image to zoom in, and you can make out a little open water in the Myrtle Rapids area. Way off in the upper right corner, you can see Shoal Lake. It’s a sheet of white.

Next, a picture centered on Keewatin.

You’re looking south, with the Keewatin bridge close to dead center of the frame. Downtown Kenora is at the left, above the shiny propeller spinner. In the distance, you can see the Barrier Islands and beyond.

You’ll notice that the water on Safety Bay still doesn’t connect to the water in Keewatin Channel.

Here’s a closer look at that frozen patch.

Rheault Bay is right of center, just above the aircraft’s nose. There’s a little open water at the lower left, in the area of Mackie Island, but it still doesn’t reach beyond the tip of Yacht Club Island, and if you zoom in for a closer look, you can clearly see quite a lot of the water has refrozen. In the middle distance, the patch of water around Channel Island hasn’t expanded.

Last, a better look at Darlington Bay and Safety Bay.

Looking east, with the Keewatin bridge and the Kenora Forest Products stud mill in the foreground. There’s a lot of refrozen surface visible between the Keewatin bridge and nearby Lowe’s Island. Zoom in to see more fresh ice closer to Kenora, near the top center of the picture.

It was -10°C early this morning, and our afternoon high was -2°C, so it’s no surprise that nothing much melted. Next week should be better. Starting Tuesday, we might see days with more hours of above freezing temperatures than below.

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