April 24, 2017: Gone, Probably.

It’s always tricky to arrange a flight on the day the ice is most likely to be gone. I went flying today, but a wall of snow moving up from Minnesota blocked my view of the lake as we took off.

To the north, the skies were much clearer, so I snapped this picture of Silver Lake as we went by.

Silver Lake

This photo looks north. Skies were overcast, and the flat light makes it hard to tell if you are looking at ice or water. If you click on the picture to see the full-size version, you may find it easier to be sure. On Silver, it’s mostly ice. It’s a deep lake, and always freezes late and thaws late. The smaller lakes are open.

As to Lake of the Woods, my guess is it’s open. Ashley reported yesterday that she found only one small pan of ice, and with the wind we had, it should certainly be gone today.

Shoal Lake might still have some ice, but we won’t find out for sure until the weather lifts.

In any case, I doubt anyone had much enthusiasm for boating today. The temperature was below freezing, and heavy wet snow closed the trans-Canada highway all the way from Vermillion Bay to the Manitoba border.

Deck Furniture

This is how things looked at my house this afternoon. Ah, spring. Even when a run of warm weather brings us an early thaw, things have a way of averaging out.


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