April 21, 2017: Ashley Kolisnik

Scroll to the bottom  of today’s post for a Friday afternoon update.

Ashley took these pictures and sent them to me yesterday, but for technical reasons, I didn’t receive them until today.

The best part is, I just had a comment from someone who was curious about Lunny’s Island and Bare Point. This drew my attention to the fact that I had flown all around both places without taking a clear shot of either. But Ashley did.

Scotty Island, the Manitou.

This is a close-up of Scotty Island, looking south west down the Manitou toward Whiskey Island.

Town Island

The second picture is shows the Manitou from a bit further east, with Town Island in the right foreground, and Scotty Island and Nanton’s Island under the propeller blade. Bell’s Island and part of Lunny Island are just above the aircraft’s nose.

Bare Point Marina, Bigstone Bay.

Bare Point itself is just off the right edge, but this is a great shot of the Marina, looking out over Bigsby and Queen Bee Islands and south east along Bigstone Bay.

Thanks, Ashley.

One other cool thing: Bill Whicher contacted me to show how the False Color images from the MODIS satellites make it really easy to distinguish the ice on Lake of the Woods. Heavy ice is a lovely turquoise colour. Thin or rotten ice doesn’t show up as well. For that, you want the True Color image. Both links are to images from April 19th, when skies were clear.  It looks as if the lake is down to about 10% strong white ice cover, with weak dark ice probably amounting to a further 10-15%.


Thanks, Bill.

4:00PM Update: Today’s satellite pictures just came out. They show ice nearly all gone.

True Color April 21      False Color April 21


4 thoughts on “April 21, 2017: Ashley Kolisnik

  1. You guys are Great!

    Thanks for the updates! I love receiving them! What is the ice look like around Sioux Narrows?? Whitefish Bay, Regina Bay, Long Bay? Any update would be appreciated.

    Kent Peters

    Sioux Narrows / Houston, Texas


    • I couldn’t get down that way this week. Weather permitting, I might be able to aim a camera in that direction on Monday.

  2. Congratulations on providing such great information on LOW ice conditions. As new owners on the lake,and an old time Cessna driver, I really appreciate the timely updates as well as my envious thoughts on the pilots who fly and shoot these pictures. Good work by all Keep them flying! Jim Gray

    Sent from my iPad


  3. I was just out flying. Lake of the woods is 99% ice free. Only one little piece about 1/2 mile by 1/2 mile by butterfly island south of French narrows.

    Sent from my iPhone


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