April 18, 2017: No Photos Yet

I didn’t fly on the Easter weekend or Monday, so I haven’t had a chance to take fresh aerial photographs.

Saturday was perfect ice-busting weather: sunny, warm, and very windy.

I made a road trip through the Whiteshell, and Falcon Lake is open. Other lakes between Kenora and the Manitoba border were changing fast. Granite Lake was open, Moth Lake was down to just floating ice pans, and what I could see of Caribou Lake was open. Clearwater Bay was not.

In Kenora, Rabbit Lake and Round Lake are open.

Easter Sunday was cold and snowy, so things slowed down a bit. Monday was also cool and cloudy. I talked to one of the local pilots who sends me pictures; he was planning a trip if the weather picked up by midday. It didn’t, and I don’t think he went. I went out for another drive.

At Pye’s Landing, Deception Bay is clear, but there was still ice on the main part of Clearwater Bay.

Cloudy conditions have blocked satellite cameras from getting a good look at Lake of the Woods since Saturday. At that time, it looked as if Lake of the Woods was approaching the halfway point, with large expanses of open water amounting to nearly fifty percent of the lake’s surface. That’s when windy conditions can play a big part, so I’m anxious to get out there and see what’s happened. Some of my Walsten Air friends will be flying this afternoon, but the forecast is for increasing cloud cover and a chance of showers, so I don’t know if they’ll get anything today.

3 thoughts on “April 18, 2017: No Photos Yet

  1. Thanks for your continuous updates whether or not you are flying. Much appreciated!

    Al Snyder

  2. Was out in Clearwater today on boat … Clearwater bay is open from pyes to seagull island and to with in 100 yards of the north shore of zig zag island

    • Thanks Matt ! In your opinion do you think we can make it to Corkscrew Island tomorrow afternoon?

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