April 13, 2017: Bill Scribilo

My own flight today came home too late for photography, but Bill Scribilo went flying over Lake of the Woods earlier in the day. His photographs can take us into the Easter weekend.

Here they are in the order Bill sent them to me. I’ve cropped off the sky to save time loading the page, as I do with my own pictures.

Yes, you can click on them to see the full resolution version, and it’s zoomable.

Looking west into Clearwater Bay.

Not a lot of melting going on in the Clearwater area. Kendall Inlet is darkening, though.

Castle Rock Island.

The shot above looks over Castle Rock Island (called Queer Island on my old chart) towards Middle Island, the Hades and Hay Island, with Bigstone Bay in the distance. Could be Bill got a better angle, but I think there’s a lot more water now.

Looking east from over the Elbow into Andrew Bay in the distance.

North from Roger’s Island into Devil’s Gap.

Roger’s Island is at the left in the shot above, and Galt Island is at the right. Water reaches almost all the way to town, at the top left, interrupted by just a little ice around Coney Island.

Looking south past Town Island toward Scotty Island.

Town Island on the left, Leisure Island on the right. Scotty Island in the distance.

It was great to get these shots from Bill today, as I don’t expect to fly over the Easter weekend. Thanks Bill!

We are now way ahead of where we were on this date last year. On April 13th of 2016, we were having a cold snap, and there were none of the large patches of open water you see today. Use the Archive of Previous Months and Years tool at the right to compare for yourself. (That’s assuming you’re viewing the full website, not an email or the mobile version.) We’re also doing much better than we were at this date in 2015. So while we’re nowhere near the pace for the earliest thaws, (in 2010, the lake was wide open now) we’re clearly running ahead of average.

One thought on “April 13, 2017: Bill Scribilo

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