April 8, 2017: Marcus Hainstock

I don’t often get to update you on the weekend, but Marcus Hainstock sent me this picture of the American side of Lake of the Woods today.

Big Traverse to the North West Angle.

This is taken looking south towards Baudette, MN from a westbound jet: the North West Angle is under the wing, close to the plane. Those three islands close to the bottom of the window are Brush, Flag and Oak. The skinny one further away is Garden Island, and Big Island is in the distance at the left edge. Looks like the ice is rotting and the first patches of water are breaking open.

Thanks, Marcus!

Today, the hit counter rolled over 250,000.  Quarter of a million hits, and Ice Patrol is still a week shy of it’s third anniversary. (The first post was April 13th, 2014.)

I see we’re also closing in on 10,000 hits this week.

Thank you all.

4 thoughts on “April 8, 2017: Marcus Hainstock

  1. Your efforts on this site are much appreciated. Thanks very much for all the time and hard work.

  2. Lots to celebrate! Ice melting very quickly…and lots of hits to your site!
    Smile on!

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