April 5, 2017: Garry Hawryluk

I had a long day at work today, and didn’t get back to Kenora until the sun was going down. So all I got was a nice picture of the sunset as we landed.

Sunset on Runway 26

But, by happy chance, Garry Hawryluk was on a WestJet flight from Winnipeg to Thunder Bay today, and got some pretty good photographs as he flew over Lake of the Woods. Garry has contributed before, and he sent these to me so I could share them with you. You can click on his photos to zoom in.

The higher altitude of the plane means a bit more haze, so you have to look a little closer to distinguish dark islands from dark open water, but here goes:

Barrier Islands to Kenora.

This first shot looks north from over the Barrier Islands. Shammis Island and Mather Island are at the bottom. Notice the large patch of open water flowing from the Elbow at the lower right. Scotty and Middle Islands are to the right of center, and Kenora is in the middle distance above and to the left of them. Open water reaches all the way from downtown to Town Island and Copeland Island now.

Hay Island.

This second photo is centered on Hay Island. Bigstone Bay and Longbow Lake are visible above it. Mostly ice out that way. But look at the lower left corner, that’s open water reaching out from French Narrows to Bald Island.

It’s hard for me to roam as far west of Kenora as Clearwater Bay, so I was really happy that Garry snapped this picture.

Clearwater, Zig Zag Island and Deception Bay.

Still pretty frozen out that way.

I’m going to try again to take some pictures tomorrow, and the weather should be good. We’re supposed to have above normal temperatures right through the weekend, so I think we’ll see steady change.

It’s getting late and I have an early flight tomorrow, so that’s all for now. Thanks, Garry!

3 thoughts on “April 5, 2017: Garry Hawryluk

  1. Will you be making a pass over the Winnipeg river? We are water access only in the Myrtle Rapids area from Winnipeg River Marine. Thanks.

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