April 3, 2017: Boats

Friday didn’t have good weather for photography, and I didn’t fly on the weekend, so it’s time for an update. Maybe I can make your Monday a little brighter.

First picture: Northern Harbour and Bigstone Bay.

Pine Portage Bay, Bigstone Bay.

As you can plainly see, there’s still plenty of ice out there. I’ve included this picture because when I select pictures that all show open water, people get the impression that everything is melting. Not so.  This image has been digitally edited to remove an intrusive propeller blade near Northern Harbour. You can still click on it to zoom in, but you may see some blurry patches around Fantasy Island.

Next stop, Keewatin Channel. Figure of speech: we didn’t actually stop. We were making a quick circle over the part of the lake near town before landing.

Town Island, Keewatin Channel.

In the picture above, Town Island is at the left, with Galt Island straggling across to the right. Behind those are Keewatin Channel and Channel Island. Notice how, in the shadow near the center of the picture, the ice road past the Tangle goes over some very rotten ice now.

We saw a few boats in this area. One is visible in the photo of Keewatin Channel below, between Shragge’s Island and Channel Island.

Remember, you can click on these pictures to see a larger version, and click again to zoom in on that one, too.

Channel Island, Keewatin Channel, Shragge’s Island.

Next, a closer look at the area around the Keewatin Bridge.

Keewatin, Safety Bay.

The Keewatin Bridge is close to the upper left corner of this picture. As you drive across the bridge, there’s open water almost as far as the eye can see. Which is why you need me to give you an aerial view and burst your bubble.

After that, we turned east to head for the airport.

Coney Island, looking east towards Kenora with Safety Bay on the left and Rat Portage Bay on the right.

Safety Bay is clearing out nicely. Rat Portage Bay, not so much, but at the upper right corner of this picture, you can see water reaching out from Devil’s Gap towards Gun Club Island.

Another shot of that from a different angle. I always like to keep tabs on Devil’s Gap, because it’s such a major route to the lake for so many boaters.

Golf Course Bay, Devil’s Gap.

In the picture above, which looks south, Golf Course Bay is right at the wingtip. Above that, you can see Rat Portage Marina and Devil’s Gap with the open water falling short of Roger’s Island.

And lastly, one for old times sake. I’ve been taking pictures of Treaty Island since at least the spring of 2003, and giving verbal reports since long before that.

Shragge’s Island, Treaty Island, Roger’s Island.

Photographing the Biggar’s camp there was what got the whole Ice Patrol started, in the days before I had a digital camera. You can thank Linda next time you see her.

The temperature hit a balmy 14ºC today. The forecast says we’ll see more typical temperatures for a few days, and then hit double digits again for the weekend. I’m not scheduled to fly Tuesday, but I’ll try and take pictures later this week.

I’ve updated the Recent Satellite Photograph link to one of today’s pictures. The ice has darkened dramatically.

7 thoughts on “April 3, 2017: Boats

  1. Hey Tim!

    I’m always excited to see your pictures and hear what’s open and not! My wife and I bought a place down in Andrew Bay two summers ago, and I’ve been following this blog ever since.

    I’m sure you get lots of requests, but are you able to give a look down that way?

    Warm regards and blue skies,

    Tom Lindstrom

    Illegitimi non carborundum


    • Hi Tom! It’s too early for Andrew Bay just yet, but I’ll work on heading that way when there’s water to photograph.

  2. Looks like if I can chainsaw my way through Holmstrom’s Marsh I wouldn’t dent my boat up too bad getting to SW end of Welcome Channel! 😉

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