March 30, 2017: Middle Island

I’m cheating a little bit. This first picture is one of the ones Tom Hutton took yesterday. Technical problems delayed its arrival by email yesterday, so today I transferred it from his Apple phone to a memory stick, and brought it home.

Scotty Island on the left, Middle Island near the umm, middle.

Yes, there’s still a lot of ice when you get a few kilometers south of Kenora. That’s because we have very strong currents near town, and the ice goes early along the Harbourfront and Safety Bay. Take heart, though, all over the lake the ice is darkening rapidly. That means its getting softer and weaker, and it will erode faster now.

Let’s move on to today. My flight today was a flight test for Garrett Shingoose, one of my Walsten colleagues, for which I took the co-pilot role. Professional pilots like Garrett and myself do at least one flight test every year. That means he and I were very busy with simulated emergencies, so it wasn’t the time to distract ourselves with too much photography. This is the best picture I got on the route he needed to fly.

South end of Winnipeg River, looking south east.

Fiddler’s Island is at the left edge of this shot, and Dufresne Island is near the top. It looks to me as if the water is expanding day by day.

We’ve got more warm weather coming, with a week or so of daytime highs of around 10°C and overnight lows just around freezing. That’s typical for mid-April, but we’re getting it a couple of weeks early, so I think we’ll see some good progress. I’ve been checking my archive photos, and I’d say that although this year’s thaw was lagging behind in early March, the recent warm weather has allowed us to catch up. The pictures I pulled up from late March in 2016 and 2015 look comparable to what we have now.

In other news, probably only a handful of Ice Patrol followers know that I am also an author, writing under the pen name Timothy Gwyn.

AVIANS, my science fiction novel for young adults, will be released on August 1st. If you think that might be your kind of summer reading, you can learn more about it by clicking on this cover illustration. That will take you to the website of Five Rivers Publishing, where you can see the book description, author profile and an interview.

The book is available for pre-order through Five Rivers, Kobo or Kindle (worldwide). Those last two offer previews of the first chapter.

If this comes as a surprise, you can visit Timothy Gwyn Writes, my other blog, to learn about my writing life.

4 thoughts on “March 30, 2017: Middle Island

    • No, we’re not early, at least not yet. We’ve recovered from low temps in March, though, and we may be on track for a full thaw in early May. 2010 and 2012 were way earlier, with all the ice gone by the middle of April.

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