March 29, 2017: French Narrows

This is just a quick mini-update. Two of my Walsten Air colleagues took some pictures for us today. John Sweeney and Tom Hutton were able to swing by French Narrows and the Elbow late this afternoon.

French Narrows first. Not a lot of water here, where the Eastern Peninsula reaches out towards the Barrier Islands. It’s hard to be sure with the cloud shadows darkening patches of the ice, but it looks as if the ice quality is deteriorating.

French Narrows, with the Eastern Peninsula at the lower right and East Allie Island in the center.

A moment later, they captured this shot of the Elbow.

The Elbow. East Allie Island, Allie Island and Shammis Island run up the left half of the picture.

The lake doesn’t melt much in a single day, even a warm one, but I think the ice has darkened and softened. More mild temperatures are on the way, so I expect to see more of this type of change.

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