March 28, 2017: New Pictures

I have pictures from two flights today.

The first batch are taken from a Walsten Air plane this afternoon. I was able to take some shots of the Winnipeg River and Kenora’s Harbourfront as I brought one of our King Airs in from the north .

The second batch were taken by Bill Scribilo from the Kenora Flying Club plane at the same time. Bill was out taking some pictures for Century 21 Reynard Real Estate, and he ranged further afield, reaching as far as Clearwater Bay and Crow Rock.

I’ll start with mine.

You can click on these pictures to see a larger, zoomable version.

This first photo shows the way water has come to dominate the Harbourfront and the headwaters.

Looking south at Safety Bay with Tunnel Island in the foreground.

As you can see, the water along Safety Bay now connects to the open water in Keewatin Channel. Let’s take a closer look.

Devil’s Gap on the left, Keewatin Channel at the right. Gun Club Island at the lower right.

There’s significant progress at both Devil’s Gap and the Keewatin Channel. Patches of open water reaching out from Keewatin Channel towards Scotty Island have grown a lot in the last week.

I’ll just back up a bit for the River Dwellers. I got a good look at the river from Minaki to Kenora. Big Sand Lake and Gunn Lake are still frozen, but the river is opening. The Big Stretch has water from end to end, at least down the middle of the river. The shorelines are still icy.

The Big Stretch on the Winnipeg River. Looking south west with Shoal Lake near the Horizon.

In case you’re more interested in the more southerly part of the river, here’s a shot taken closer to Kenora.

Winnipeg River, looking south. The pale line across the middle is a power line clearing.  The bridges of Highway 17A (the Kenora Bypass) are visible closer to town.

Okay, that’s it for my shots. Now let’s take a look at Bill Scribilo’s. He forwarded them to me at full resolution, so you can click on them to see the large, zoomable version.

Bill flew as far west as Clearwater Bay, but it’s all ice, so I’m not including those pictures. More change is visible in photographs such as this one taken around Crow Rock.

Crow Rock Channel, looking south with Crow Rock Island to the left of the open water and the Western Peninsula to the right. Queen Island nearly spans the picture in the middle distance.

From there, he moved on to the Barrier Islands to capture this update on the Devil’s Elbow.

Looking north at the Devil’s Elbow between Allie Island and East Allie Island.

There’s a lot more water in the Elbow that when I photographed it just a few days ago.

Then, as he flew north, Bill pointed his camera east down Andrew Bay.

Andrew Bay

There are two important things to consider when you look at today’s photographs: First, the lake is still has about 95% ice cover. Second, that ice is getting thinner every day.

We have several days of mild weather coming, with overnight lows expected to be at or above the freezing point.

Remember, we had a great thaw in February that stripped off all the snow cover. Then early March was very cold, and we made ice, putting us behind an average year. Now we might be catching up again. Geese and seagulls have begun to arrive.

6 thoughts on “March 28, 2017: New Pictures

  1. If you have a chance to pass by Town Island again, please take some more pictures! BB Camp can’t wait to see an update on the lake.



    Brenda Tessler Donen | Executive Director
    BB Camp
    O: 204.477.7512 | Camp: 807.548.4178 | F: 204.477.7518
    C128-123 Doncaster Street, Winnipeg, MB. R3N 2B2 /
    Strengthening Community One Camper at a Time

  2. Thanks again, Tim, for another year of the Ice Patrol.

    We enjoy watching the ice recede, but we also like the photos themselves very much.

    It’s a beautiful Lake.

  3. Short answer, yes. We often fly in to Kenora from Dryden or other points east. Dogtooth is easy. Right now, lakes in that area are frozen solid, but as things change, I’ll be keeping an eye on it.

  4. Thanks, I was thrilled to see a picture of the ice on Ena Lake and the Mcfarlane River to the Winnipeg river. We were just there visiting from Toronto and driving my truck on the ice from Ena to Black River Camp….(at the the point where the CNR crosses the Mcfarlane)

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