March 23, 2017: More Water

It was only a few days ago that I took a look at the ice, but today I had just a couple of minutes to circle over the lake before landing, so I snapped some fresh pictures. Cloudy skies and haze don’t make for the greatest clarity, so I have increased the contrast.

You can still click on the pictures to zoom in and get a better look.

We came in over Lower Black Sturgeon. It’s frozen. Actually, all the smaller lakes near Lake of the Woods are looking pretty solid: Longbow, Hilly, Silver… all frozen.

Ice on the Winnipeg River continues to give way, though. Here’s a look at the stretch of the river up around the Dalles. The water is gaining ground, so to speak.


Looking west at the Winnipeg River around the Dalles.

Next, we swung the plane towards Keewatin. The photo below shows the south end of the Winnipeg River, and in the distance you can see Safety Bay has open water from Norman almost to Keewatin now.


Winnipeg River headwaters. Kenora is at the left edge of the photo, which looks south west.

To size up the amount of open water on Safety Bay, we kept going south west for a minute. In the picture below, notice how the water is reaching out towards Yacht Club Island.


Looking south west over Keewatin.

The Keewatin Channel is melting further out past Shragge’s Island and The Tangle. We spotted two vehicles on the ice road. To me, they looked uncomfortably close to open water. Patches of water are breaking out quite close to Scotty Island now.


Keewatin Channel and the Tangle, facing south west. Shragge’s Island near the center, Scotty Island at the top left of the picture.

Last, I managed a shot of Devil’s Gap as we set up to enter the circuit for the runway.


Devil’s Gap, looking north west with downtown Kenora at the right.

That’s it for today. In summary, smaller lakes are holding fast, but although temperatures haven’t been that warm, the current  is eroding ice on Lake of the Woods steadily. I expect the ice road landings to deteriorate soon, especially if we get some sunshine.

4 thoughts on “March 23, 2017: More Water

  1. A gang of us have booked 2 house boats at Sioux Narrows ON beginning 5 May. We’re hoping to have open water by then.

    Great shots. Thanks

  2. We have a cottage on Shoal Lake so we love seeing updates for out that way. I think last weekend was our last chance to drive across to our island until the ice is gone.

    • The ice is darkening, and I wouldn’t trust the ice roads now. I wish I could get out towards Shoal Lake more often, but it’s far enough from Kenora that I can’t manage the extra flying time very often. Also, Shoal Lake usually doesn’t go out until several days after Lake of the Woods, so I feel safe leaving it for a while longer.

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