March 17, 2017: Ice Thickness

On Saint Patrick’s Day, my friends and co-workers at Walsten Air had a group activity: ice fishing on Golf Course Bay. Naturally, we measured the thickness of the ice. It seemed to vary between 65 and 80cm, (26 to 32 inches) It was good solid ice, and while I was there, we parked three trucks on it, although we were careful to space them well apart.

I should mention that our original plan was to travel out to the area around Whiskey Island, but we changed our minds after scouting out the ice road we meant to use. The open water at The Tangle looked too close for everyone’s comfort. It’s March, and the ice roads should not be taken for granted.



Archive Dropdown

On the sidebar at the right (or if you’re on a smartphone, scroll way down) there is now an Archive widget that makes it easy to look at Ice Patrol posts from past months and years.

So, for instance, you could compare the latest pictures taken this year to pictures taken on a similar date in 2016, 2015 or 2014.

Use the dropdown menu to pick a month, and you’ll be taken to the last post from that month. Then you can scroll through the entries to find any date during that month when I made a post.

A second, smaller change is to the link previously called Daily Satellite Image. I never could get it to work so that it took you to the latest picture. I have renamed the link Recent Satellite Image, which is closer to the truth. That moved it down the list a bit, but it’s still there, under Lake of the Woods Links.

Lastly, I cleaned up some duplication. The Home, About, and FAQ links used to appear both in a menu at the right, and on the header bar below the Ice Patrol title banner. Now they’re only on the header bar. If you’d like to post a comment, choose the About link to go to the comment form.

I’ve got some more training flights coming up next week, as another colleague comes due for his annual flight test. That should give us a look at the lake ice, and I hope to have a few new pictures for you. Don’t expect big changes yet.




3 thoughts on “March 17, 2017: Ice Thickness

  1. Same reason I didn’t go to our place on Sat. Was ready to go until I looked at your picture showing all that water around the Tangle.

  2. I love your web site and the annual ice off countdown. Your pictures builds the anticipation of another great year of fishing on the Lake. Thanks for the work and service you provide.

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