March 15, 2017: Fire

I wasn’t looking at the ice today. I was co-pilot on a flight test, and we were several miles north of Lake of the Woods when we saw smoke rising from an island south of town.

We called it in, and set off in that direction to report exactly where it was. Here’s what it looked like as we got close enough to tell that it was in Smuggler’s Cove, just south of Scotty Island.Looking south. Scotty Island is to the right of the smoke plume, Middle Island is to the left. As usual, you can click on these pictures to zoom in and see more detail.

When we arrived overhead, we were able to see that there were some vehicles nearby, so we hope that there was help at hand. We did learn that the fire was called in by others before we saw it. I have no information about whether anyone was hurt. Kenora Online is following the story now, so try their website for updated information.

Close up of the property. Many lake dwellers will remember seeing this cottage that features a little footbridge to the reef in front of camp.

Hope everyone’s okay.

2 thoughts on “March 15, 2017: Fire

  1. I believe it is the Johners Cabin. They own a few Windsor Plywood in Winnipeg! I really hope I’m wrong

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