April 30, 2016: Almost

I won’t get a chance to go flying again until Monday, and by then it will be just about over.

Here’s a photograph of Pine Portage Bay taken by a friend at sunset last night from the docks of Northern Harbour. The bay is entirely clear.


Pine Portage Bay

Yesterday’s satellite photographs were a bit blurry, but good enough to see that the ice is further reduced, with Bigstone Bay, Clearwater and Shoal Lake being the largest patches of white.


5 thoughts on “April 30, 2016: Almost

  1. Thanks again, Tim, for the excellent service you provide. Knowing when the ice is out allows us to spend just a few more days at our beloved cottages. Very grateful.

  2. Thanks for your regular updates. Really look forward to them. Happy to report the pics convinced me to head out to our place on Thompson I this morning . Clear sailing until just before Holsyrom’s marsh . Managed to plow through.

    Beautiful day. Summer has arrived.

  3. April 30. Drove to Kenora this morning and back to Winnipeg this evening. Here is the report:

    LOTW view from Keewatin Bridge. This morning ice visible past the yacht club and around the west end of coney. tonite, no ice visible. View from Kenora down east side to Devils Gap revealed no ice. Bridge from Kenora to Coney Island is still in though.
    Clearwater Bay. View from Pyes Landing…white ice visible about halfway down the lake. Where the lake is visible along the highway (sugar bay, etc) all ice across to islands.
    Granite Lake was about half ice this morning with lots floating. Tonite, all gone!
    Falcon Lake this morning fully covered with blue ice other than a bit of water visible in the middle. Tonite, only a thin ribbon of white ice along south shore.
    West Hawk looks solid at the south end (view from transcanada Hwy)
    Smaller lakes (Lyon, Caribou, Engineer, etc) are all clear.
    Rivers are all open.

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