April 15, 2016: Wind and Rain

Last night’s rain cleared all the snow from the ice and coated it in water, leaving the lake shining like a mirror this morning. This afternoon, the temperature peaked at 20°C in Kenora, and the wind was strong.

Don’t get too excited by this first photograph. Most of the water you see is a thin layer over ice.


Hay Island, Heenan Point.

As we turn the plane, the lighting will improve, and you’ll be able to see the difference more clearly.

Clicking on these pictures will take you to a larger version that is zoomable.


Gordon Island to Treaty Island.

The light is better in this picture, taken with the plane facing north. Treaty Island sprawls across the picture just above the center line. In the foreground, lots of ice, but much darker than it was two days ago. At the left, around Shragges Island, open water is pushing out toward Leisure Island (hidden by the nose of the plane.)


Treaty Island, Devil’s Gap.

This shot offers a better look at Devil’s Gap and Treaty Island.

Next, see how the ice has darkened in Rat Portage Bay.


Rat Portage Bay, Coney Island.

Today’s pictures show a big change from two days ago. We have some heavy rain coming this weekend, and after a day of cool temperatures Sunday, we should be back to warm weather for all of next week. That’s a good combination, in the right order. After that, I wish for strong winds.

2 thoughts on “April 15, 2016: Wind and Rain

  1. Hi Tim, thanks for the recent photos. Essentially you are helping to put Humpty-Dumpty back together again after the early April re-freeze. Without going into too much detail, my work office is abuzz again with access optimism. Thanks again for your ongoing efforts, fantastic coffee talk in the office as we all dream of reaching our special spots in early May.

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