April 13, 2016: Warmth

We have finally turned the corner. We had above normal temperatures today, and more nice days are coming. Mild nights, too.

One warm afternoon doesn’t kick spring into high gear all by itself, but there has been some progress since I last posted pictures. (Mostly because I waited nearly ten days to do it.) Here’s what I saw as I circled to land in Kenora this evening.

First up: Middle Island and Scotty Island. Yes, there’s lots of ice. All those snowfalls recently (about eight, by my count) have protected the ice from the sun’s rays.


Middle Island, Scotty Island

However, the snow is finally thinning out a bit, and rain showers in the next few days could make a big difference.

As we swung the plane northward, we saw some new patches of water between Scotty Island and Town Island, where before there was just weak ice.


Scotty Island, Town Island

This is actually a good shot down the Manitou, but it’s too early to expect water in that area.

You can click on any of these pictures to see a larger version, and click on that to zoom in further.

Next up, the Keewatin Channel as the plane keeps turning north.


Town Island, Keewatin Channel.

Besides that big patch of water west of Town Island, you can see quite a difference in the amount of water in Keewatin Channel. The shoreline of Channel Island is almost fully melted.

Time for a closer look at the Rat Portage Bay and Safety Bay area.


Gun Club Island, Coney Island

Gun Club Island is just below the center of this photograph, and Coney Island is just above. Not much change in Rat Portage Bay: Gun Club Island is still ice-locked. Safety bay, in the background, is much more open than it was last week. Good progress along Kenora’s waterfront, too; the Coney Island pedestrian bridge is floating free now.

Last, a look at Devil’s Gap off the right wing as we turn east toward the airport.


Devil’s Gap.

Still ice at Devil’s Gap Marina; you can see their boat ramp and docks in the ice at the left of the water in this picture. The coast guard docks at the mouth of Golf Course Bay are visible at the bottom left of the photograph, and they’re iced in, too.

That’s it for today. There’s rain in the forecast, and rain is just what we need to strip the snow-cover off the ice. If it doesn’t rain too much, I hope to get pictures on Friday and again early next week. I’m eager to see what a run of warm weather will do.

2 thoughts on “April 13, 2016: Warmth

  1. Good morning: You certainly make Spring so much more interesting. We love to see your photos and your commentaries on L O W ice conditions. we will in Kenora this weekend to hear some of the speakers on the history of the area so will be able to see ice conditions for ourselves. We are island dwellers (Zig Zag) so are very aware of the water regime. Thanks so much fr your efforts. Al & Virginia Snyder

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