March 29, 2016: Back to Work

Okay, I had a lovely long Easter weekend, but it was back to work today. I was hoping that even though temperatures had stayed pretty low since my last flight, there would be some progress: loss of snow cover, more water in the channels with current, that sort of thing.

No such luck. There’s been virtually no change in five days.

Here’s a look at Safety Bay and the Keewatin Channel.


Keewatin, Safety Bay

Nothing significant has changed since last Thursday.

Next, a closer look at Keewatin Channel and the Tangle.


Keewatin Channel and the Tangle

I don’t notice much difference here, either.

Last, a look at the Winnipeg River, up towards Minaki.


Winnipeg River, Gun Lake

The river does seem to be opening up a little more. That makes sense, there’s a lot of current to gnaw away at the ice from below.

I saw one other thing as we landed. There’s a little lake called Island Lake just east of the airport. There was a patch of dark ice that looked suspiciously like open water that had refrozen. Ugh.

We need some more warm temperatures. Unfortunately, there is talk of the weekend being pretty cold. Maybe after that, we can get this show on the road.

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