March 23, 2016: Better Light

Today I flew into Kenora from the north again, as I just did on Monday, so I really didn’t expect to see much change. The light was better, with sunny skies, so I snapped off a couple of shots as we approached the airport.

Winnipeg River

Winnipeg River

Looking north down the Winnipeg River, you can see ice beginning to yield along the Big Stretch. Gun Lake, left of center in the middle distance, is still covered in white ice.

Click on these photographs to see larger versions and more detail.

Downtown Kenora

Darlington Bay

As we neared town, I managed to get one shot that spanned all the way from downtown Kenora to Keewatin, with a bit of the bypass near the foreground. Despite overnight lows of -10°C or colder, there has been some positive change in the last two days. Darlington Bay is almost clear, ice is softening between Keewatin and Channel Island, and if you use the zoom feature, you can see that water is starting to push out past Channel Island toward Town Island. There are some patches of poor ice developing toward Scotty Island.

The long weekend means I won’t get a chance to grab new aerial photographs until next week. I don’t know if we’ll miss much; the long-term forecast is projecting normal or below normal temperatures well into the first week of April. After unusually warm weather gave us a dramatic start to the thaw in early March, we’ve now fallen back towards a more normal timeline.

One thought on “March 23, 2016: Better Light

  1. I live in Clearwater Beach, Fl and have friends that have a small island near Kenora.
    Enjoy your work !

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