March 21, 2016: Small Change

We’ve had a cool week, with scant hours of melting temperatures. It’s no surprise that we didn’t lose a lot of ice in the last few days. The fresh layer of snow is helping reflect more of the sun’s warmth from the ice, too.

Because things haven’t changed much, there was no real need to roam around today. I just grabbed a couple of pictures as we came in to land. We were arriving from the north, so the first picture provides an overview.

Click on these photographs to see a larger version that your browser should allow you to zoom in on.


Winnipeg River, Kenora

Dufresne Island on the Winnipeg River is at towards the right of this picture. Almost on the horizon, at the right, is Shoal Lake. Below that are Ptarmigan Bay and Clearwater Bay; they’re still frozen.

I get a lot of requests from people to show this bay, or that island. I can’t really accommodate requests; my flight time is very limited. What I try to do, to be efficient, is follow the water. In the context of someone with a boat at one of Kenora’s marinas, this makes the most sense. I’m answering the question, “If I put my boat in, how far could I get?” There’s no point putting up a picture of the Manitou this week, or Bigstone Bay. There are a few modest patches of water out by the Barrier Islands, but so what? You can’t reach them!

Still, Clearwater is something of a special case: there are boat launches and marinas out there, so if it opened up, even locally, it would be significant. However, it doesn’t usually thaw until we’re making much more progress around town, where the currents are stronger. It will be a week or two before I have to worry about taking a close look at Clearwater.

Next, we scoped out downtown Kenora and Norman, to evaluate the progress along Safety Bay. Not very exciting. There’s a bit more water, but only a little.


Downtown Kenora, Safety Bay.

Just in front of the nose is the Winnipeg River, with Old Fort Island close to the center of the frame and Kenora sprawling across the left side above the windshield wiper. The River continues to open, slowly but steadily, and the water is expanding in Safety Bay, too. The best progress seems to be in Rat Portage Bay, where the current through Devil’s Gap seems to be opening things up around Goat Island and Johnson Island. Use the zoom feature to see for yourself. Maybe it won’t be too long before water reaches Gun Club Island.

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