March 14, 2016: The River

I was eager to go flying today, to see what changes our warm wet weekend brought. Morning fog delayed my training flight, and it was late afternoon before I got airborne.

Click on these pictures to see a larger, zoomable version.

Here’s a quick look at Keewatin Channel to compare to Friday’s pictures.

Keewatin Channel

Keewatin Channel

Looking north, with downtown Kenora at the upper right. There has been a modest expansion of the open water in this area. Usually I crop these pictures to remove excess sky and aircraft bits, but I left the wing in this one so that you can see the expanse of ice. Not much snow cover anymore.

Next, a better view of the area around Devil’s Gap. Look ma, no wing!

Devils Gap

Devils Gap

Devil’s Gap is just left of center in this photograph, while downtown Kenora dominates the right side of the picture.

Then a closer look at downtown Kenora.

Downtown Kenora

Downtown Kenora

There are two interesting things about this picture. First, just in front of the wingtip, (it’s baack!) you can see the landing where the ice road comes ashore at the Ministry of Natural Resources. Notice how close the open water is; no wonder the ice roads are closed. Second, take a look at the river at the right. There’s quite a lot more water there.

That persuaded me to fly down the Winnipeg River for a bit. Remember, down means north. All our water drains to Lake Winnipeg and ultimately, Hudson Bay.


Winnipeg River at the Kenora Bypass

It looks as if the current is making inroads on the ice. Further downstream, there is a sizable patch of open water at Minaki, but I didn’t get a good photo. Sand Lake has turned dark, a sign that ice is weakening.

We landed around 5:00PM, just as Kenora’s temperature was reaching 12°C, roughly matching a record set in 1995. I drove home with the window down. 🙂

Tomorrow, we can expect a mild day with rain. Rain is good- it strips insulating snow from the ice. After that, it looks as if temperatures will return to normal for a while, with daytime highs around or just below freezing. That won’t stop the thaw, but it will slow it down to a more typical pace.


5 thoughts on “March 14, 2016: The River

  1. A few years into following your lovely and unique photos Tim, thanks so much. And with each warmer day “hope springs eternal in the human breast”.

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