March 11, 2016: Higher Vantage

Skies cleared up for Friday. Not only was the light better, I could get photographs from higher up. So while Thursday’s low-level pictures concentrated on patches of water, today’s shots are more about the big picture.

First the bad news:

Scotty Island to Kenora

Scotty Island to Kenora

Ice almost as far as the eye can see. That’s Scotty Island near the center of the picture and Middle Island below and to the right; this view looks north with the city of Kenora in the middle distance at the right. If you look closely, above and slightly left of Scotty, you can see the patch of water around Channel Island that I featured in one of yesterday’s pictures.

Remember, you can click on these pictures to see more detail, and click on the larger version again to zoom to full resolution.

As you can see, there’s no huge rush to check the tire inflation on your boat trailer.

Let’s move on to a more encouraging view.

Safety Bay and Rat Portage Bay

Safety Bay and Rat Portage Bay

This shot looks east along Safety Bay, with Coney Island dominating  the picture. In the far distance, that white streak at the top of the photograph is Silver Lake. On the right, Rat Portage Bay is still nearly all frozen, but there is a little water at the entrance to Devil’s Gap. I think there’s noticeably more water today than yesterday, partly due to very strong south winds. Wind is always helpful, but it has the most effect when there are big stretches of open water, and loose floating ice can be blown around and smashed to bits. We haven’t reached that point yet.

Fun fact: today’s high topped out at around 9°C, falling just shy of the record high of 11°C set in 1995. Disappointed? Don’t be. The average high this time of year is -2°C, and a normal low is -10°C. Would you like to guess what record was set for March 11th in 2012? I’ll try to throw you off a bit: that was a mild spring with an early thaw. Answer: the all time record low, and it was a doozy: -35°C! Fluctuating temperatures are a fact of life here. We have a week or so of mild weather coming, but after St. Patrick’s Day, things are likely to sink back to around normal, and we could have a really cold night around the 25th of March. Or the forecast could change before then.

In the meantime, I expect to see good progress over the weekend. Weather permitting, I should have a chance to take fresh pictures on Monday.

2 thoughts on “March 11, 2016: Higher Vantage

  1. Tim,

    As usual, your Ice Patrol bulletins are creating a buzz with all of us eager to get back to “the Lake.”

    Of course we especially appreciate the area in this batch.

    Many thanks!

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