March 6, 2016: Technical Notes

As I blew the winter dust off Ice Patrol, I made some technical changes. The site has a new theme: the layout is essentially the same, but some cryptic icons are gone and the bright red links have changed to an icy aqua. The photograph at the head of the page now has the site title overlaid on it, so people won’t mistake it for a current picture.

I added a FAQ page. I hope the Frequently Asked Questions will serve as an introduction for new users, and a handy resource for regulars. The chart showing ice-free dates for the years since 2003 is near the top of the page.


3 thoughts on “March 6, 2016: Technical Notes

  1. Hi Tim
    Looking forward to following you again this spring.
    Hope you can add Beauty Bay Golf Course on Black Sturgeon to your list of potential pictures.

  2. So glad to learn that you are continuing the Ice Patrol this year. Really appreciated that last year you included some shots of the Winnipeg River near Locke Bay. We are on an island near Powderpuff so it was great for us to know that we would find open water in which we could canoe across.

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