Happy New Year!

WordPress, the folks who host this blog, sent me my annual summary the other day. You can see it here, but in brief, I got some 75,000 visits during 2015, from 74 countries. Thank you to everyone who dropped by, and my special thanks to those of you who commented or mentioned Ice Patrol to friends. The easiest way to show Ice Patrol to someone new is to type icepatrol.ca into their browser: it will redirect to the latest post.

In December, I am still getting about a hundred hits a day on the site, even though I don’t post any updates after the spring thaw. I do get a few inquiries about the state of the ice in the fall, and it’s nice that people think of me, but I do not cover the freeze-up. For one thing, it is impossible to gauge the thickness of the ice from the air. See last year’s post on this topic for a longer explanation.

I will say this: I expect ice to be generally weak this year. We haven’t had a single cold snap in November or December, the months when we usually start making ice. Normal lows this time of year are -21°C and the record low for today’s date is -37°C. Overnight lows lately have been on the mild side of average, around -17°C.

Early January is supposed to have some daytime highs of around -5°C and the long-term forecast is for milder than average conditions to persist until sometime in February. By then, the coldest season will be behind us. I think I’ll just stay off the ice this winter. On the bright side, weak ice could make for an early thaw. We’ll see.

Have a Happy New Year!

5 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Ice Captain

    Really appreciate your efforts in keeping us informed with respect to the potential updated ice conditions when you live in Manitoba and your cottage is on an island in Lake of the Woods and one might be thinking about a trip to the lake for ice fishing or a few days of r & r.

    Thanks and best wishes for a great 2016

    Bill Kinnear

  2. Best wishes for 2016, looking forward to hear from you in the spring. Donna, Saskatoon. SK

  3. Many people can only fish in the winter through the ice because of there occupation. Ice fishing has become a thriving industry and many business are dependent on ice conditions. 4-5 months out of the year are winter activities we should embrace and enjoy what we have. Please keep up with ice patrol.

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