May 2, 2015: Almost Gone!

Andrew Kozlowski went looking for ice this morning. He didn’t find much. The three large patches of ice that Pam and I photographed yesterday have all shrunk. The Manitou is almost entirely clear and ice cover on Bigstone Bay has dropped from 75% to 30%. The only big patch of ice remaining is the one south of the Barrier Islands, and it’s much reduced.


Scotty Island

A small patch of ice north of Scotty Island is all that remains of the ice in the Manitou.


Scotty, Middle and Hay Islands

This second shot looks east at Scotty, Middle and Hay Islands from over Mather Island. Ice that was hugging the west shore of Scotty is gone, but for three tiny floes.


Robertson Island

This is the largest patch of ice remaining on Lake of the Woods. It is south of the Barrier Islands. This photograph is centered on Robertson Island, south of Allie Island, looking east.


Allie Island, East Allie Island and the Eastern Peninsula

This is an overview of that same patch of ice, with the Eastern Peninsula stretching out from the right side of the picture. Beyond that, Andrew Bay is all open water.


Middle Island, the Hades and Hay Island

Just remnants of ice remain near Middle Island, and Bigstone Bay is more than half open.


Bigstone Bay

A closer look shows that enough ice remains on Bigstone Bay to block boats from departing Pine Portage Bay from Northern Harbour.

These pictures were taken on Saturday, late in the morning. By evening, much of this ice will be gone, the rest will be going on Sunday, and we should be 100% ice-free by Monday.

Some ice may hold out on the south end of Shoal Lake for a day or two longer.

4 thoughts on “May 2, 2015: Almost Gone!

  1. Was down the lake today by boat from Kenora to south of Tranquil. What a difference a year makes. Last year, on opening of walleye on the 17h of May, we had to continue down Welcome Channel to Brule Point, then west of the islands south of there to Crow Rock, then down to Wylie Point, then angle over to Tranquil. This year it was clear sailing all the way as the photos show.

    The water out in the Manitou is about 43 degrees, so exhibit some caution, you are not going to swim far.

    Is Dryberry Lake open yet, anyone know

    Was down on the Minnesota side fishing sturgeon this last week, and that river is way down. Given that the Rainy River provides over 70% of total inflow to the Lake of the Woods, it sure does not look like the extremely low water levels on the lake are going to increase anytime soon. If you rebuilt your dock after last year.s flood and built it a bit higher, you better be taking a ladder with you in the boat on your first trip out LOL.

    Thanks to all who have provided photos and commentary, it sure makes the spring come faster…

    • Not sure about Dryberry. It should be open or nearly open. Dogtooth is open, and on the way to Dryden the other day, Eagle Lake and Wabigoon were starting to clear. They should be be half open or better by now.

      • Thanks for your info re Dryberry. I, and all who follow your blog really appreciate the effort you put into this. Spring arrives in your photos.

  2. Hi Tim,thank you for your reports and pictures. We arrived today and are at camp for the summer. Safe flying. Donna

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