May 1, 2015: Kenora Area

On the Trans-Canada Highway this weekend, there will probably be a convoy of boats on the way to Kenora. When they all go in the water, the lake will rise a foot. Besides busy boat launches, what can those boaters expect?

The lake is open in the area near Kenora.

Click any of these pictures to see 3264×1080 resolution.


Kenora waterfront

This first photo looks south over Devil’s Gap, and you can see that ice still limits how far you can go. Town Island and Scotty Island are reachable, as long as you watch out for floating pans of ice. After that, it gets tricky.


Devil’s Gap, Treaty Island

Treaty Island dominates the center of this picture, with Devil’s Gap at the left. You don’t have to go far past Gordon Island to encounter floating ice.

WARNING: floating ice can pin you against the shore if the wind changes!


Matheson Bay to Town Island

Here’s a closer look at Matheson Bay, Galt and Gordon Islands, and Town Island. This area is mostly navigable with caution. In the background, Bigstone Bay is almost entirely ice, and at the right, the Manitou is still frozen, too.


Middle Island and Scotty Island

A little further from town: Lunny’s Island, Bells Island and Nantons Island are in the foreground of this picture, and you can see quite a lot of ice in that area. I actually took this photo to show Scotty Island, Middle Island and the Hades. Some of my oldest followers have properties in that area. It looks as if you might be able to creep into this section of the lake, but there is so much ice that you would be at the mercy of the wind.


Bigstone Bay

Bigstone Bay is still nearly all frozen, but it is starting to let go along the shore.


Bare Point and Matheson Bay

As we turned for the airport, I snapped one last picture of the area from Bare Point to Devil’s Gap, just to get different light on the ice patches.

If you’re going boating this weekend, remember that wind may push ice around, cutting off your retreat, so this is not the time of year to cut corners on your boating safety gear.

Looks like we’re set for a warm and mostly sunny weekend. Enjoy!

7 thoughts on “May 1, 2015: Kenora Area

  1. By oldest, do you mean birth year!?

    Thanks for your work and updates, particularly in the Smugglers Cove Area, we live for the next one

    Ken Sent from my iPhone


  2. Great photos. Extremely helpful. Great point about safety. One wouldn’t survive too long in that water.

    • No fun being trapped in your boat surrounded by ice, unable to go back to base. Don’t forget your jacket!

    • See my post dated April 30th for pictures- it was almost all gone then. I believe it is all gone now, Andrew did not fly all the way down there today, but he did not see any ice in that direction.

  3. HI  This was the first spring I logged on to your great site, having a camp north of Kenora and being able to see the ice go out was great , keep up the great work and have a great summer . Garry Hudzick Myrtle Rapids 

    Sent from Samsung Mobile

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