April 30, 2015: Sioux Narrows to Kenora

Warm weather is doing a number on the ice. As I write this, it’s 18ºC in Kenora, and forecast to hit 19ºC Friday and 22ºC on Saturday.

On the way out of Kenora this morning I snapped a few quick pictures. Here are three. Click on them to see a larger, more detailed version.


Bald Indian Bay, Bare Point, Matheson Bay

Bald Indian Bay on the left, Bare Point right off the nose, Matheson Bay on the right. This picture really shows how much ice is still out there south of Bare Point. In the background you can see that Scotty Island is still about half enclosed in ice. Ice in the Manitou is looking really soft.


Matheson Bay, Town Island

This is a closer view of Matheson Bay. Town Island is not entirely clear.


Northern Harbour, Longbow Lake

I had to take a look at Northern Harbour, just to see for myself how much it changed in just two days. Wow.

On the return to Kenora in the afternoon, I angled slightly south so I could get a look at Sioux Narrows before turning towards the airport.


East end of Long Bay, Regina Bay

Ignore the black streaks- my smartphone takes a very strange view of the rapidly moving propeller. Long Bay and Regina Bay are open.


Long Point Island

This is as close as I got to Sioux Narrows. One patch of white ice survives quite close to the narrows- it might be visible from the famous bridge.

Time to swing north for Kenora.


Witch Bay and Andrew Bay

Witch Bay and Andrew Bay are open. Notice that there are three huge patches of ice to the north. The one on the left is south of the Barrier Islands, the one in the middle is the Manitou, and the one on the right is Bigstone Bay. All three can be seen on today’s Satellite picture, where they look like one big patch of variable grey.


Andrew Bay and Pipestone Point

Lots of open water south of Hay Island. Moore Bay has been open for a week or more. The trick is getting to it.


Moore Bay, Hay Island and Bigstone Bay

From Kenora, the lake is still pretty much impassable south of Scotty Island. For now. Things are changing fast.


Pine Portage Bay, Bald Indian Bay

This is the follow-up to the morning shot of Northern Harbour. Yes, you can get Gary to put your boat in the water. But it will be a day or two before you can go anywhere.

It’s going to be warm for several days. More ice will give way on Friday, and there will be further change over the weekend. I still think we’ll be into next week before the lake is 100% open.

3 thoughts on “April 30, 2015: Sioux Narrows to Kenora

    • I did visit Red Lake today, but I did not take a picture. The lake is still 90% frozen. A float plane took off near the bridge while I was there. Howie Bay downtown is only open along the shore by the docks.

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