April 29, 2015: Shoal Lake

Here’s a little mini-update on Shoal Lake. I only saw it from a distance, but Air Canada pilot Matthew Render flew right over it and sent me this picture.

Shoal Lake MR1

Dominique Island and the west shore of Shoal Lake

He says the whole west shore is opening up, and the north shore is open all the way from the reserve to Clytie Bay. Shoal Lake is still showing some of the whitest ice in the region, and it is usually later to let go than Lake of the Woods, so this is a good sign. Just days to go now!

Matthew sent pictures of Shoal Lake last spring, too. His Air Canada flights sometimes take him right overhead on the way in or out of Winnipeg. Thanks, Matthew!

4 thoughts on “April 29, 2015: Shoal Lake

  1. Thanks great job. Have an island in ptarmigan bay

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  2. Great – thanks for the update on Shoal lake – I am heading out there Friday – so good to hear clytie bay is open

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