April 28, 2015: Northern Harbour

One last photograph from Tuesday the 28th.

The date I put in the headline is the date of the photographs, not of the posting. This makes it easier to go back and find an old picture.

The pictures from the preceding post (scroll down) showed Pine Portage Bay, but not the docks at Northern Harbour. This picture makes it clear that it’s still too soon to be calling them and demanding that they put your boat in the water. 😦

Northern Harbour.

Northern Harbour

I was hoping to zoom in on Dave and Anne’s boat, but conditions were quite bumpy when Lyle took this picture, so it’s a little too blurred.

I should have fresh pictures soon. If not today, probably tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “April 28, 2015: Northern Harbour

  1. Thoroughly enjoying your photos and comments. Keep it up. Thnx. Larry Buffie Kendall Island

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  2. Hi Tim, I was emailing with Grant at Northern today and he said the ice was out all the way to the island, we are hoping he is right.

    Douglas Biggar
    V.P. Operations
    Ph: 204-975-3420
    Fax: 204-632-9392

    Moore Industrial Ltd.
    169 Omand’s Creek Blvd Winnipeg | MB | R2R 1V9 | Canada
    Winnipeg . Edmonton . Regina . Calgary . Saskatoon

    • Glad to hear it. I’ll pass that on in this evenings post, and I hope to take fresh pictures of that area tomorrow.

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