April 26, 2015: West Hawk to Clearwater

Today’s contributing pilot is Lindsay Kitson. Lindsay is a member of the Manitoba Chapter of The Ninety-Nines and is building flight time in preparation for getting her commercial pilot licence. Today she flew out from Lyncrest airport, a grass strip in Winnipeg, in C-FLUG, the Ninety-Nines’ Cessna 150.

First up, West Hawk. It’s pretty much frozen.


West Hawk & Falcon

Looking west, this shot also shows the east end of Falcon Lake, which still has ice.

On to Shoal Lake.


Shoal Lake.

This photo gives a good overview of Shoal Lake- you can see that the northern portions are opening up quite well, but everything south of Cash Island is still covered in white ice.

Then a complete view of Clearwater Bay.


Clearwater Bay / Zigzag Island

All of Zigzag Island can be seen in the picture above.

Last up, the Corkscrew Island end of Clearwater.


Clearwater Bay / Corkscrew Island

I think that’s Pye’s Landing at the lower right corner. I stand corrected: that is Sugar Bay Landing. Clearwater seems to be showing a lot more shoreline melting compared to yesterday’s pictures, and I don’t think it’s just the different angle.

This is Pye’s Landing.

20150426_173054 Pyes Landing

Pye’s Landing and Deception Bay

Lindsay also brought a talented photographer along, but Tatyana Dyck needs some time to process the raw images she took on her two cameras. I hope to see something from her later. This will be her first aerial photography, but you can see some of her artistic photographs of Lake Winnipeg’s thaw at www.russianwinnipeg.org. Thank you, Lindsay and Tatyana.

Time for another satellite photograph. An Ice Patrol follower called my attention to the drastic change over the last three days.


Lake of the Woods, April 26th, 2015

The ice in Big Traverse is breaking up. Even Shoal Lake shows signs of melting on the south shore.

Lynda posted a comment to Ice Patrol asking if Two Bears Marina was accessible by boat yet. I drove down to take a look. From the Keewatin Bridge, some thin ice is still visible in the channel, but I think a cautious boater could push through in an aluminum boat. In fact, I saw someone conducting that very experiment as I went by. I don’t know if they got through today, but that ice should be gone in a day or two.

Two Bears was closed, but Steve Simpson, the manager for Lake of the Woods Docking, says they are gearing up for spring. Although still closed today, Two Bears might be open as soon as the May 8th weekend. That’s a tentative target, not a commitment.

6 thoughts on “April 26, 2015: West Hawk to Clearwater

    • I’ll add it to my list, but it’s not as easily done as the areas adjacent to the Kenora airport. We’ll see.

  1. Great pictures and great info. Thanks for all of the time, energy, and effort that you put into this! It is appreciated.

  2. Great pictures. Thanks!
    Have always wanted to stay out through break- up.
    It feels like I am.

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