April 26, 2015: Late Update

The third of my weekend volunteers just checked in. Dave Thiele flies out of Lyncrest, and he brought his son Eric to take pictures on a flight to Kenora in Piper Cherokee C-GNUC.

As usual, you can click on the pictures to see larger, more detailed versions.

On the way east, they grabbed this shot in the Whiteshell.


West Hawk, Falcon Lake, High Lake and Shoal Lake

It looks like the ice is letting go along the north and west shores of West Hawk Lake. Stretching from the center of the picture to the right-hand edge is the east half of Falcon Lake, which still has thin ice on it.

Next, they flew over to Lake of the Woods on the way to the Kenora airport.


Rheault Bay and Keewatin Channel

This picture looks south down Keewatin Channel to show Town Island at the edge of the ice at the upper left. Behind it, Lunny’s Island, Bell’s Island and Nanton’s Island are all ice-locked.

Then back to Winnipeg, taking a picture of Falcon Lake on the way.


East end of Falcon Lake

The afternoon light was just right to give a clear idea of how weak the ice is on Falcon Lake’s east end. Thank you, Dave and Eric!

2 thoughts on “April 26, 2015: Late Update

  1. Thank you all for your posts – most interesting and enjoyable without being there!!

    Al Snyder

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