April 25, 2015: LOW and the Whiteshell

I am delighted to say that I have three pilot friends offering to pitch in this weekend and provide pictures.

Here’s a great batch of photographs from Al Nelson. He sent quite an album, so they had to be a little smaller, but you can still click on them to see a larger version.

I’m going to put his pictures up in reverse order, so that we start in Kenora and end up in Lac du Bonnet.


LOW: Scotty Island, Middle Island, Hay Island

This shot not only shows the open water just reaching the tip of Scotty Island, it also shows quite a bit of water around Middle Island and in the Hay Island / Moore Bay area.

Because I’m showing you Al’s pictures in reverse order, it seems as if we’re pulling back in this series of pictures of Poplar Bay.


Poplar Bay, Trinity Bay and The Tangle


Welcome Channel and Poplar Bay


Wolf Island and Welcome Channel

Moving on, two pictures of Clearwater Bay. From the highway, Pye’s Landing still looks pretty frozen, but look how much water there is to the south, around Corkscrew Island.


Zigzag Island and Corkscrew Island

And Zigzag, too.


Zigzag Island and Clearwater Bay

Next stop, Echo Bay.


Echo Bay

Then two pictures of Shoal Lake.


Shoal Lake


Shoal Lake: Indian Bay

I’ve been itching to get a look at Falcon Lake and West Hawk, and this shot is just gorgeous.


Falcon Lake

Lastly, down the Winnipeg River to Lac du Bonnet.




Seven Sisters


Lac du Bonnet Airport


Lac du Bonnet

A fabulous set of pictures taken from Al’s Cessna 180. This shows what aerial photography can do if you take the time it deserves. Thanks, Al!

11 thoughts on “April 25, 2015: LOW and the Whiteshell

    • I drove down to Keewatin. Some very thin ice is visible near the Keewatin Bridge. You could push through in a tin boat, if you were careful- someone was exploring that as I went by. The ice will be gone today or tomorrow, I should think. Two Bears is still closed, but manager Steve Simpson says they are gearing up, and tentatively hope to open for the May 8th weekend.

      • To icecaptain: Thanks for all your efforts. It was just a couple of years ago that I waited for my turn on the Kenora Web-cam, which yielded no clue as to the Keewatin Bay/Two Bears accessibility nor to our destination south of Town Island. Now it’s like watching a time-lapse video of the ice leaving. Outstanding!

      • Thank you for the info. We all appreciate your valuable commentary on how things are progressing. You are awesome!

  1. Thanks for all your efforts, I know this blog will again be ending for the year, just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your work. Also a Thank You to Al Nelson

  2. Thank you for these fabulous photos and providing us lake dwellers with such timely information. It is greatly appreciated. Thanks to Al Nelson as well!

  3. Thanks for the pics guys. Really appreciate the info again this spring. The one Welcome Channel shot almost shows my place so that’s pretty good info. Have a great summer!

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