April 17, 2015: Big Changes

A week of warm windy weather has melted a lot of ice. Safety Bay, for instance, is pretty much wide open, and Jackfish Bay is going fast.


Downtown Kenora, Jackfish Bay, Safety Bay.

However, there is still plenty of ice south of Devil’s Gap.


Devil’s Gap.

In the photograph above, you can see that the water at Devil’s Gap is getting closer to meeting the water at Keewatin Channel.


Town Island.

A closer look at Town Island reveals patches of water opening up in very soft ice and stretching southward towards Scotty Island.


Lunny’s Island in the center foreground, Hay Island, Middle Island, Scotty Island in the middle distance.

I was surprised to see numerous patches of water around Middle Island, too. The four pictures above were taken at about 7:30 Friday morning. Some of the blue patches are simply morning shadows, but not all.

Don’t forget: you can click on the pictures and then zoom in.

Late this afternoon, I took another look at the headwaters of the Winnipeg River and Kenora’s waterfront.


Winnipeg River, Safety Bay.

Ice on the harbourfront is gone.


Gun Club Island.

The ice around Gun Club Island looks weak, and much more water has opened up in Keewatin Channel over the last few days.


Treaty Island, Shragges Island, Channel Island.

Channel Island is almost completely clear of ice, and Shragges Island really only has ice on the Quiet Bay side. This time last year, Channel Island was still half embedded in strong white ice.

That’s the good news. The bad news is, our little ‘heat wave’ of above normal temperature won’t last much longer. Saturday will be the last warm day, they say, and then we will see several days of below normal temperatures, including overnight lows below freezing. That won’t bring the thaw to a standstill, but it will result in slower progress next week.

7 thoughts on “April 17, 2015: Big Changes

  1. Great work. Maple Leaf Island is the horseshoe shaped island on the east side of Annie island in Whitefish bay. Next flight down could you please snap a picture. Big green roof with multiple red cabin roofs. This year will be 50 years on LOW. Have an ice road out currently if that helps. Thanks this is awesome. Konrad

  2. Many Thanks for today’s photos .
    There were some great shots !
    Great shot of Lunny Island , thanks

  3. Beautiful pictures. Any chance of heading further west towards Clearwater bay, or Deception lake area; would be interesting to see how the ice is progressing over there?

  4. We truly appreciate the Town Island photos – any possibility you can take a photo from the other side – to actually see BB Camp! We are so excited to head out in the first week of May. Keeping our fingers crossed that the lake will continue to thaw to allow us to return soon! Who Is excited for the summer!!!!!!

  5. Great work. Do yo think you can get the Minaki area. Big sand and little Sand if possible thanks

  6. While everyone wants to see a photo of their personal spot remember the guy that does this does it as best he can while hes at work. This isnt his full time job. He does a great job and does his best. Use the pictures as a guide and guess about your personal properties. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK SIR!

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