April 14, 2015: Sioux Narrows

I received some photographs from another contributing pilot/photographer on Tuesday evening. Roberts Reboks took these pictures of Sioux Narrows and sent them to Andrew Kozlowski, who passed them on to me.


Sioux Narrows bridge, Regina Bay.

The upper photograph is centered on Sioux Narrows, looking east over the bridge at Regina Bay. Quite a few patches of open water are visible, including some small lakes. Overall, the ice looks very weak.


Long Bay, Lobstick Bay.

The second picture is just north of Sioux Narrows, looking east down Long Bay toward Lobstick Bay and Dogpaw Lake. At the right edge, I believe that’s Whitefish Narrows showing all the open water. Thanks, Rob!

CALLING ALL PILOTS: there will be steady change during the next two or three weeks! Contact me at icecaptain@outlook.com if you plan to take pictures. I need coverage of Lake of the Woods, Shoal Lake and the south Whiteshell.

2 thoughts on “April 14, 2015: Sioux Narrows

  1. I’m heading up fishing May 22 to Kabinakagami Lake, near Hornepayne, do you have anyone who flies in that area and takes pictures? I’m curious how the ice is looking there.

    • Wow. That is about 800 kilometers east of Kenora, in another time-zone. I have not made contact with any pilots in that area, and I am hopelessly unready to go province-wide with this thing. Thanks for asking, though.

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