April 13, 2015: Dark Ice

We had a wonderful warm weekend, with temperatures reaching 16ºC on both Saturday and Sunday. This had an appreciable effect on the ice. First up, the south end of the Winnipeg River.


Lower Black Sturgeon and the Locke Bay area of the Winnipeg River.

Click on the picture to zoom in and get a better look at Locke Bay. Next, an update on downtown Kenora. The ice looks really soft in Jackfish Bay now.


Laurenson’s Creek, Jackfish Bay, Safety Bay.

The ice around the MS Kenora and the float plane docks will be letting go very soon. Further back, you can see that water is lapping at Yacht Club Island and Crowe Island now. Gun Club Island will be next.


Bald Indian Bay, Bare Point, Matheson Bay.

Ice has been slow to melt south of Devil’s Gap, but it is certainly weakening. This photo looks roughly south, so Scotty Island is just above the center of the picture, and Town Island is to the right.


Pine Portage Bay (Northern Harbour), Longbow Lake.

Longbow Lake turned much darker over the weekend, as did Pine Portage Bay. The ice still rules south of town, but wind and warmth will take a toll this week. One of today’s MODIS satellite photographs gives enough of a glimpse through the clouds to show the whole lake darkening and open water appearing on the American side at the mouth of the Rainy River.

3 thoughts on “April 13, 2015: Dark Ice

    • Clearwater is quite a distance from the Kenora airport. I’m hoping for some of my Winnipeg pilot friends to make flights in that area, but they are doing me a favour, so I cannot push.

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