April 9, 2015: Kenora Area

Three quick pictures today. As usual, you can click on them to see the largest, zoomable version. 


Kenora area.

This first one was taken looking SSW at downtown. In the lower right corner, you can see the intersection of the Redditt Road and the Bypass. Part of Darlington Bay is at the right, and the ‘head and ears’ of Rabbit Lake are at the left.


Downtown Kenora, Coney Island.

This second picture covers the Kenora waterfront from the Whitecap Pavillion to Golf Course Bay. Notice how the ice is starting to rot in Jackfish Bay and melt by Goat Island and Johnson Island at the mouth of Devil’s Gap.


Pine Portage Bay (Northern Harbour) and Longbow Lake.

Lastly, for the keelboat sailors, here’s a look at Pine Portage Bay, home to Northern Harbour, with Longbow Lake and Bigstone Bay in the background. Not much change here.

The long term forecast is now calling for two straight weeks of above normal temperatures, starting this weekend. Overnight lows are supposed to stay above freezing almost every night, so I think we will finally see big advances.

7 thoughts on “April 9, 2015: Kenora Area

  1. ‎Dear Sir:

    My wife signed me up for your emails and pictures and I just want to say Thank you for doing this.

    We have a cottage on Dogtooth Lake. If you happen to fly close over Dogtooth, ice pictures would be appreciated.


    Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone.

  2. Thanks Andrew and contributors for keeping us ground-pounders well informed! Appreciated!!!

    • Most of my flights are to the north of Kenora, so opportunities to get as far south as Sioux Narrows are rare. I’ll try to do something when that area starts to thaw.

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